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Our stack ranking helps you to get people's priorities on ideas, pain points or projects. Start getting user responses within minutes.
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What can I stack rank with Prioneer?

Anything you want. Use Prioneer to get rankings on ideas, customer pain points, projects or anything else.

See what really matters and prioritize confidently

Deciding what to focus on is a critical task. With Prioneer you see which things are most relevant for people.

Example: Question and Prioritization of Answers

Resolve competing priorities with force ranking

There are always too many potential projects. Prioneer forces people to choose what matters more so that you get a clearly prioritized list.

Example: Question and Prioritization of Answers

Understand relative importance

Misinterpreting the importance of a feature can make you waste time on the wrong things. Prioneer's scoring reveals how strongly people prefer something so that you can distinguish between important and irrelevant things.

Example: Question and Prioritization of Answers

Since we started using Prioneer, we deliver much more often what our customers really have been waiting for.

Avatar of Stephan Eyl
CEO Fanpage Karma

Stephan Eyl CEO Fanpage Karma

For a startup team, it's important not to waste time on things that have no impact. With Prioneer everyone is on the same page about the most important things.

Avatar of Joshua Land
Founder Spreaducation

Joshua Land Founder Spreaducation

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