Prioneer Tools

Simplicity, collaboration, and impact. These are the core elements of our prioritization products. Each prioritization method offered by Prioneer aims to help individuals and teams prioritize in a simple way, enable collaboration and deliver results to them that enable them to take impactful action. By combining these three attributes, teams using Prioneer can make better decisions and increase everyones motivation to implement these decisions.
Table of Results from a Team Prioritization

Stack Ranking Tool

A tool to help you tack rank choice options to find the most important alternative amoing others.

Pairwise Ranking

Pairwise ranking tool for ranking alternatives using pairwise comparison.

Ranking Surveys

Find out what matters most to your target audience or customers. Create ranking surveys just in two steps and share via link or embed it.

Group Decision Tool

A group decision tool that helps you to find concensus in a group of people. Do a ranked voting with other people.