Make Group Decisions with Ease

A group ranking tool to quickly evaluate choice options with your team, friends and family. Rank items without fiddling in emails or spreadsheets.
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Ranking Survey Answering Example

Add Choice Options. Share. Done.

Evaluate multiple criteria

Use multiple criteria to evaluate choice options. View total results and ranking results per criterion.

Use our agreement report to spot misunderstandings

View the total ranking and the agreement (concensus) of all people in the group for each of your items. To get further insights, you can also see rankings of individual persons and analyze segments within your group of repliers.

Invite anyone via link

Let people of your group join a ranking without the need to signup. Just share your rankings via link. Also you can include them in your website or launch them inside a online shop or web application as a widget.

Choose your group decision making method

Select between the methods pairwise comparison and decision matrix to let your team evaluate items. Customize the criteria and formular in your decision matrix to make decisions suit to your goals.

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