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Which project is more important?
Selecting from two alternatives in pairwise ranking

Make a better decision, in less time

Rank alternatives by importance and spend your time, money and focus on the right things.
Final Ranking List Ranked by a Team of Eight People

Find out what matters most

You have multiple alternatives that seem equally good? With Prioneer, you can rank projects or ideas by relative importance to get a clear statement on which of your choice options is the more important one or which of your problems is truly the biggest one.

Take action faster, with focus

Evaluating absolute importance by asking “How important is that project?” is more difficult than asking “Which project is more important?”. Prioneer's pairwise ranking is relative and will always give you clear, actionable priorities.

Get stakeholder buy-in

Priorities can only be effective, if everyone is aligned. That's why our solution allows you to rank together with your team or other people, and helps you to reveal the reasons why people think that one alternative is more important than the other one.

The easiest way to do pairwise ranking online

Most approaches for ranking a list of alternatives are cumbersome, slow, and lack collaboration options. Prioneer is made to allow individuals and teams to do the method simply and fast.

Rank within minutes, with ease

Don’t fiddle around with spreadsheets or complex tables. Our interactive comparison method prompts you with two choice options and lets you intuitively answer one pair at a time. You can focus on prioritizing your items.

Evaluate alternatives using multiple criteria

What if you cannot clearly decide a winner in a direct comparison between two alternatives? Prioneer allows you to do use multiple criteria for evaluating alternatives and creates one uniform ranking from your evaluation.

Speed mode for faster comparisons

A large number of choice alternatives can lengthen the time to select a winner for each possible pair during the comparison. Prioneer's unique speed ranking mode predicts your final ranking based on your first few answers and shows you the ranking even before you rate all pairs.

Hurdle-free collaboration

Invite people to your ranking via link. When you host a Prioneer ranking, all people you invite can do the pairwise comparison individually. As the host of the ranking you can see the ranking of the whole group.

Ranking agreement

For rankings that involve multiple people, Prioneer will automatically show you how much all participants agree on the importance of an alternative. The 'agreement score' show you the concensus and thereby helps you to spot misunderstandings and to reveal the reasons why one choice options matters more when compared to another.

Team mode or survey mode

Prioneer let's you create ranking surveys. Our flexible permissions allow you to control if participants can only submit answers or if they also can see the final results. Also you can allow participants to make new proposals while they compare or to leave comments on choice options.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the pairwise ranking method?

Pairwise ranking is a method of ranking items by doing a pairwise comparison of each item with each other item, selecting the better item as a winner, and then ordering all items by the number of times they won. Which item is considered as the better item typically depends on a goal or a question that is defined before doing the ranking, e.g.: “Which project is more important?”.

What is it good for?

Pairwise ranking is well suited to find the best or most important alternative from a list of things. Use cases of this method are e.g. feature prioritization, risk assessment, problem prioritization, and people ranking.

How to do pairwise ranking?

You can do this method using pen and paper, using an excel sheet or using an online tool such as Prioneer. Assuming you know the list of alternatives you want to rank, you have to write down the list of all possible pairs that can be generated from those alternatives. Then you have to go through all pairs and decide which alternative is the best in the particular pair. After that, you count the number of times each pair has won, and sort all alternatives by that number.

Can I do a pairwise ranking online?

Yes. Doing all steps manually and creating the right excel formula to calculate the winner can be quite cumbersome. Instead, you can use a tool such as Prioneer that generates all pairs for you and just asks you to select a winner.

Do you offer a free trial?

You can use our free plan for a long as you like and create multiple rankings. Just upgrade as soon as you need more features or more rankings.

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