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Doing image ranking surveys doesn't get easier than this

No more complex survey setups. Understand what people like with just a few clicks.

Start a survey in a minute

Just upload your images, set a ranking question, and start rating your options. When you create a Ranking, we apply the best possible default settings so you can get started right away. Of course, you can customize what you want.

Dead easy image rating method

Do many of your image or logo options seem equally good? Our forced ranking helps you to make a decision and brings your options into a unique order. Our answering process presents your choice options to you and forces you to pick one - until our system can calculate your overall ranking confidently.

Survey anyone - frictionless

Easily survey team members or external people. Share a link or QR code to your image ranking survey with any audience. Our fine-granular permission settings allow you to keep control over who can rate options and who can view results. Gain insights into your audience by filtering and comparing results for different audience groups

Have more actionable results than ever before

Defeat choice paralysis while making a fair, data-driven choice. Get insights that a regular survey can't give you.

Make better decisions with the power of science

Pairwise comparison is a scientific approach for identifying true preferences. Our uniquely developed algorithm speeds up the decision-making process and captures people's preferences more accurately: instead of showing a fixed set of questions, our system dynamically determines which images to show a participant while they are answering - giving you better results.

Find consensus and eliminate misunderstandings

View the overall ranking or deep-dive into participant-level results, or view the agreement score per image or product design. Our unique agreement score helps you to spot whether choices are supported by everyone or if there are contrary opinions about the final ranking of the images.

Collect emoji reactions and comments

Is there a “darling of the crowd” among your image options? Are they choice options that people especially love? Do people have thoughts or concerns about a product design? Enable reactions for your image ranking and let people give you the right feedback through emojis and comments.

Analyse results and understand audiences

Different groups of people can find different images appealing. Use our filters and our comparison mode to compare the results of different groups of participants. Export results and participant-level rankings as CSV or PDF.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a participant?

A participant is a person who answers the survey by rating the choice options. A participant can participate by answering, proposing new options, leaving reactions and comments or viewing results.

Is an image ranking the same as an image poll?

You can use our image rankings to perform an image poll. Anyone who you send the link to, will be able to submit his preferences, and you will get the total results. Due to the rating method we use, you get more expressive results than through a classic poll in which you only collect the number of votes.

How complex is the ranking setup?

You do not have to create individual steps / questions per image. You just upload your images. When a participant starts answering your survey, our system automatically displays as many pairs ('steps') as required to the participant. Likewise, you do not need to evaluate and compile the results of individual question replies. Instead, our system generates the ranked list and show the top images to you.

In which ways can people vote for their favorite images?

We use the pairwise comparison method because we believe that it gives the most expressive results. Instead of knowing 'the 5 favorite' options of someone, you know exactly which option is the most favorite for a respondent or across all respondents.

What is pairwise comparison?

Pairwise comparison is a method where a respondent is offered two choices at the same time and has to choose one. We have extended the default scientific pairwise comparison approach with our own algorithm to deduct preferences of a participant faster.

Can an image survey be answered on a mobile device?

Our surveys are optimized for mobile and tablet devices.

Is there a bulk upload option for creating image polls?

You can upload your images to the survey using our bulk upload, which lets you select multiple files at the same time.

Is there a free plan?

Yes, we currently offer a free plan.

Can I do image culling with this tool?

Yes, you can cull images. The comparison forces you do make a decision. Extra features such as our 'hide' help you to quickly exclude images that you don't like.

What is the agreement score?

The agreement shows you how much all participants agree about the rank of a logo. Learn more.

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