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Rank ideas, projects, or anything in minutes using our stack ranking tool. By yourself or with a group of people.
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The stack ranking tool tailored for decision-makers.

Use your favorite prioritization method

Use the prioritization method you want to rank choice options. Rank using pairwise comparison, RICE, ICE, or create any weighted scoring/decision matrix you need.

Custom weights for scoring criteria

Not all decision criteria you have are equally important. Fully customize the scoring criteria and the scoring formula in a decision matrix.

Involve the right people

Share a link to invite a group of people for collective stack rankings. View results per person or the combined result of your whole team/audience.

Get a forced ranking

Get a forced ranking of projects or or other things. Our intuitive tool enforces giving unique priorities.

Rank things by importance and unlock your teams productivity.

teams get more clarity on priorities and reach alignment faster
increase in company time spent on most relevant projects
team productivity boost through clear focus and higher motivation
faster achieving goals by focusing on things of highest business value

Security & Trust

Prioneer upholds stringent security, reliability, and privacy standards, complemented by advanced security and administrative controls. All data transmission is entirely over secure SSL.

Your data is stored in Germany only and will never be sold.
We use secure ISO 27001 certified cloud services for data storage. Data encryption in transit and at rest per default.

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“Prioneer helped me establish an environment where stakeholder feedback plays a crucial part in product decisions. Clean and structured survey results make it very simple to separate 'must-haves' from 'nice-to-haves'.”

Alexander Zakharov

Director of Product at Taxdoo

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“The tool met my immediate expectations providing a means to force rank multiple items.”


US and international consulting

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“The team rating allows us to quickly prioritize as a team, without having to discuss each project one by one. We save a lot of time, and the entire team has clarity regarding which of the new projects we expect to have the greatest impact.”

Stephan Eyl

CEO at Fanpage Karma

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“Prioneer has been game changing for our work.”

Cesar Valdivia

Editor in Chief at BOCETO magazine

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“I was looking for a way to make people do individual scorings to avoid group thinking and make their own assessments first, and then we'd make changes after that in discussion. Thank you!”

Project Management Consultant

Consulting for industry leaders in automotive, fashion & consumer technology