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Decide the right things, with the right people. Rank choice options from most important to least important and achieve your goals 10x faster.
Stack Ranking Prioritization with a group of people
Stack Ranking Prioritization with a group of people
Stack Ranking Prioritization with a group of people
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Best practice frameworks for decision-making, enhanced with intelligent features

Save costly time. Just add your choice options and make decisions 10x faster than with spreadsheets, due to smart algorithms. Never fiddle in spreadsheets again.

Pairwise Ranking Template

Which option is better?

Idea 1
Idea 2

Image Ranking Template

Which logo is better?

ICE Prioritization Template

RICE Prioritization Template

Prioritize together and have your team aligned

Be proactive, instead of reactive. Inefficiencies, missed opportunities, and conflict can slow down your team's productivity. Align people directly from the start by involving them into decision-making.
Collaborative priotities set by two people

Voting with login or anonymous


You control who can see results


Remote voting without meeting

Earn applause for delivering things that matter

Don't let a winning team's time be used up by meaningless projects.

See what really matters and prioritize confidently

Deciding what to focus on is a critical task. With Prioneer you see which things are most relevant for people.  
Example: Question and Prioritization of Answers

Resolve competing priorities with force ranking

There are always too many potential projects. Prioneer forces people to choose what matters more so that you get a clearly prioritized list.  
Example: Question and Prioritization of Answers

Understand relative importance

Misinterpreting the importance of a project will make you waste time. Prioneer's relative scoring reveals how strongly people prefer something so that you can truly distinguish between important and irrelevant things.  
Example: Question and Prioritization of Answers

Use Prioneer for:

Easily rank your most important ideas using our unique interactive ranking - and invite anyone to rank with you.

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“Prioneer helped me establish an environment where stakeholder feedback plays a crucial part in product decisions. Clean and structured survey results make it very simple to separate 'must-haves' from 'nice-to-haves'.”

Alexander Zakharov

Director of Product at Taxdoo

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“We are using Prioneer for customer needs discovery […]. I can’t thank you enough for your help with this! This is an incredible enhancement that will save us a lot of time.”

Group Product Manager

Fortune 200

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“I was looking for a way to make people do individual scorings to avoid group thinking and make their own assessments first, and then we'd make changes after that in discussion. Thank you!”

Project Management Consultant

Consulting for industry leaders in automotive, fashion & consumer technology

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“The team rating allows us to quickly prioritize as a team, without having to discuss each project one by one. We save a lot of time, and the entire team has clarity regarding which of the new projects we expect to have the greatest impact.”

Stephan Eyl

CEO at Fanpage Karma

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“For a startup team, it's important not to waste time on things that have no impact. With Prioneer everyone is on the same page about the most important things.”

Joshua Land

Founder at Spreaducation

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“The tool met my immediate expectations providing a means to force rank multiple items.”


US and international consulting

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